How Small Business Can Build Brand Awareness

web-consultant-blogAuthor: P Bennett
Date: 30-08-2017
Tags: Brand Awareness, SEO, Online Marketing

Building Brand Awareness Online Can Help Small Businesses

“The internet offers powerful ways for firms to increase awareness of their brands, at little cost to time, money or resources. If done properly, it will engage consumers and prove more rewarding than spending vast sums on traditional forms of advertising.”

Internet marketing is a vital part of any company’s online strategy and hence a vital part of their  overall business plan. It is great to have a well designed website with plenty of good content and  relevant features, but if nobody is visiting and using it, then it is all for nothing. Actually, if you have a  well designed website with great content then the good news is that your internet marketing  activities have already started and are on a firm footing.

Having great content means that more visitors will enjoy your website, link to it, share it via social media and buy your products and services. This is a solid, natural, foundation on which to build your internet marketing strategy. SEO techniques will augment this to ensure these visitors can find your site and hence build your traffic. SEO (search engine optimisation) is about making sure that your content and website is properly optimised to be easily understood by Google (and other search engines) and hence highly ranked and easily found by your customers. This, however, is just the start of an internet marketing strategy.

If you have great content, then you can use that to create guest blog posts and links back to your site, building the authority of your site and improving rankings. This, along with your content and SEO efforts, will help grow your organic traffic. You can also utilise the search engines’ advertising platforms to target key words and phrases, while banner ads on specific sites can target a key audience for your company. When you add email marketing and social media advertising, the world of internet marketing can get complex, which is why having an experienced practitioner like Anax Web Design as your partner is all the more valuable.

Responsive Website Design

Modern web design now incorporates so many factors, including functionality and content optimised for mobile search. Anax Web Design is able to create professional web designs for mobile devices that will get your site the full exposure it deserves, no matter the device.